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two decades


n Monday, September 11th, 2017, I officially turned 20 years old. 2 whole decades into my life and no longer a teen. As insignificant as it may seem to turn 20, so many lessons have been learned up until this point in my life. And I’m grateful for all of them; the good, the bad and the ugly.

An important lesson that has hit home with me so much has been to be true to myself. When I say being true, I’m not only talking about loving and accepting who you are. I also mean being able to be honest with yourself and realizing what is best for you. I had to accept that life will not always go as planned. Things in life happen they happen for a reason and they are meant to help you in someway and guide you to becoming who you were meant to be.

I will admit that I am the type of person who sometimes likes to believe that everything is okay, that if I just continue doing what I’m doing I’ll end up fine, even if I truly don’t love it; because sometimes accepting my realities is hard for me to do.

If you were to tell me 3 years ago, as a bright-eyed freshman following the medical crowd that I would eventually drop it all to pursue fashion and beauty and be creative, I would have thought you were insane. I would have never thought that by my sophomore year the urge to rethink my entire career would be so strong it hurt to deny giving into it. And I didn’t want to believe, I wasn’t willing to believe.

I have always had a knack for the arts and creativity; as I got older and wasn’t able to create, that side of me became a lost in the background. As I continued with life, my creativity would make an appearance from time-to-time, but I would always suppress it. I did not want to believe that I couldn’t be like my science peers; be a great physician and be what I thought could guarantee success. But God had different plans for me. I knew He wasn’t going to let me hide the creative gift that he blessed me with. He showed to me who I was truly destined to be, even if it was not what I initially planned. And He definitely reassured me that I COULD be great if I followed my dreams. It wasn’t easy to accept, but I’m thankful that I did.

It is never to late to do what you love in life.

When you are given a gift, use it and never let it go.

20 years is my new beginning, the start to my destiny. Cheers to a new chapter in my life and many more to come.

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