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hen it comes to style, I’ve always found it amazing how a person can be so unique that a way of wearing clothing can define them. That every tie, ever fold, every silhouette can represent their entire entity. They have a style that is unique to them; a style that is personal.


True personal style is genuine. It’s more than just mixing together all the latest trends. It’s the time and patience taken to pick our pieces; the ability to examine ourselves—our personality—and be able notice our habits and mannerisms when carrying ourselves in our garments and assemble them into combination that expresses who we are.


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Having style doesn’t necessarily mean you have to always be on trend with the latest clothing. You can wear whatever you want, it’s all in the way you wear your pieces. Style is what you make of it. You can pile on layers and layers, configuring outfits and trying to look put together, but still lack style. The person isn’t seen through their clothing, you only see clothes. You have to mindful of the pieces you wear. Let them represent you.

It’s also important to realize that style is something you develop. We’re not born with it. Trust me, I did not always have a sense of style all my life. In high school, I was always inspired by fashion I would see on Pinterest, magazines, or blogs, trying to mimic outfits, but I would say that I never developed a personal style until I got into college. Moving from a suburban to urban area, being exposed to more cultures and styles played a big influence. I would experiment with different styles adding pieces and taking some away, continuing in this cycle until I found the perfect fit.






Eventually I developed a uniform with my most loved, frequently worn staple pieces: a simple t-shirt like top, fitted pair of jeans with some sense of a heeled shoe. Even looking at this pairing I can tell you a lot from it, the style represents me. I value simplicity and effortlessness, but I still like to add a little bit of quirk by playing around with basic uniform. I might tie the shirt in the front, or wear a cropped or distressed pair of jeans, or even wear a sleek structured sandal. All these variations, yet still a representation of me.

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In seeking personal, examine how you dress. What do you find yourself gravitating towards? Is there a certain silhouette you go for? What colors or patterns do you tend to wear? Be able to show yourself through your clothing. And remember: 

You wear the clothes, don’t let the clothes wear you.

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