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frican culture has definitely made some marks within today’s modern world. From bloggers, to Youtubers, to actors and musicians, businessmen and businesswomen, engineers and doctors, more faces are being represented creating a new face for Africa; a modern African.


I feel like part of society has become more Afro-centric; being African is something now celebrated. Especially within pop culture, society has taken a liking to Afro-beats, head wraps, and dashikis and Ankara. And I’m definitely here for it!




Growing up, I have never really thought much about my heritage. I am African, fully Nigerian, I grew up in an African household, where I would eat my cultural foods and listen to cultural music, but it never was something that I felt made a huge difference in my life at the time. I knew I was African, but that was it.

But now, As I get older, my African heritage has become a lot more prevalent in my life. I am more aware of the uniqueness and culture it adds. Mostly thanks to all the new representation. I proudly blast Afro-beats in the car, and sometimes add an Afro-centric touch to my outfits.

I love being able to express my heritage through my clothing. And modern Ankara styles like this long A-line skirt is an easy way to express my culture while still sticking to my modern style.

To keep with the modern African theme, I paired it with this black turtleneck to keep the outfit sleek and let the colors of the skirt pop and be the main focus of the outfit. I wore these copper suede heels, which went along nicely with the colors of the skirt. Lastly, to top it all off, I added these mirrored tinted cate-eyed glasses, black clutch and simple gold jewelry.


I am so proud to be African, and I can’t wait to see what more influences African culture will make in the world.


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