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ey guys, it’s been a minute! I’ve been on a little hiatus with the blog, due to school but and so many exciting things. But, I’m back with a long awaited Favorites Edit! A segment where I show you all the things I’ve been loving over the past month. I can’t believe January is already over and we’re already into February! Time feels like it’s moving so fast! Nevertheless, let’s get into it! Here’s my January Edit.





Black Suede Over the Knee Boots

For my first fashion favorite, I’ve been loving these boots by Marc Fisher. I’m definitely a sucker for a nice black boot. So, was gifted them for Christmas, I’ve been obsessed ever since! A very cute pair of black boots, and with my long legs, they look amazing!






The City Chic Contemporary Leather Handbag in Blue

As I’m getting older I’ve been trying to find sophisticated bag that are not big, but still have a bit of youth to them.  So for next fashion favorite, I’ve been loving this small handbag from this company named Pink Lavender. This was also gifted as a Christmas gift. What’s funny about this bag was that I had actually wanted the grey version, but once I got the blue instead, the color grew on me and I love it! It adds a nice pop of color and surprising has gone well with a lot of my clothing. I love the size and structure of the bag.


Estēe Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss Perfume

This month for beauty, I’ve really been loving all things Estēe Lauder! For my first beauty favorite, I’ve been loving the Estēe Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss perfume. Growing up my mother used to use the Estēe Lauder Beautiful perfume and it was her signature scent for the longest time and it was so good that you’d smell the scent all day long without her having to reapply. Since then, I’ve always been striving to find that perfect scent that I can call my signature.

Because my mom had such great result from using Estēe Lauder, I definitely wanted to try perfumes from the company for myself! I thought that the Beautiful perfumer was a bit too mature for me, so I was excited when they created the Modern Muse collection. The aesthetic was youthful and seemed perfect for a millennial like myself. I’ve tried all three of the Modern Muse collection and this one is definitely my favorite. It’s the most playful; a sweet/fruity scent yet very subtle and mature. I definitely will be buying this again.


Estēe Lauder Mascara

Next, is this Estēe lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting mascara. This month, when it comes to makeup, I’ve been steering away from my signature wing liner and have been going more on mascara lashes for a ‘light makeup’ look. This mascara has definitely been a favorite. I got the sample size, but I definitely want to get the full size when this runs out!



Entering into the new year, I made it a point to strive for peace and positivity. As part of that, I wanted to make the effort to be more mindful. A lot of Youtubers I watch that talk about mindfulness and positivity has suggested listening to podcast. So, I gave it a shot and now I’m hooked. Two podcasts I’ve been loving have been Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations and Optimal Living Daily. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations is really good to just listen to others speak on their experiences or thoughts on topics. And Optimal Living Daily is a great listen to start your mornings on a good note with. I also like their Relationships segment.


Music Playlist

Mentionable Artists:

Jhené Aiko, SZA, and SIR


Outfit of the Month

Black turtleneck – H&M | Black graphic t-shirt – Forever 21 | High-waist jeans – H&M |Thigh High boots – Marc Fisher

Monthly Recap

January marked a new beginning to a brand new year. The one thing I prayed for this year was peace and positivity throughout my life, and with that many changes had occurred. The first couple of weeks started off bumpy, but as the days went on I adjusted to the changes and I could definitely see shift in myself. I’m really feeling overall very tranquil these days and I’m loving it!

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