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Hi! I'm Alexandra


    Winter Glow

    t’s been getting quite cold here in the Midwest! And this winter, I have definitely been gravitating towards sticking to light a natural-looking makeup. I’ve never been one for dark makeup, so a soft glow was definitely up m alley. Continue reading


    Modern African


    frican culture has definitely made some marks within today’s modern world. From bloggers, to Youtubers, to actors and musicians, businessmen and businesswomen, engineers and doctors, more faces are being represented creating a new face for Africa; a modern African. Continue reading


    Monthly Favorites | October 2017


    can’t believe the month of October has gone and passed! And now we’re already almost half way through November! It’s been a minute since I’ve have blogged, school has definitely begun to get to me with so much due. Regardless, to get back into the swing of things, I wanted to start by sharing with you all the things I’ve been loving throughout the month of October. So, without further ado, here are my October favorites! Continue reading


    Views on Personal Style

    hen it comes to style, I’ve always found it amazing how a person can be so unique that a way of wearing clothing can define them. That every tie, ever fold, every silhouette can represent their entire entity. They have a style that is unique to them; a style that is personal. Continue reading


    Culottes a Business


    hen it comes to business attire, I always love to put a fun unique flare on an outfit. Let’s be honest, it can sometimes be a little boring so why not experiment (if you can)? Continue reading